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The Archipelago of Las Perlas, the great unknown to many and well known to others, a short distance from the city, is made up of a group of islands with a lot of history and many possibilities, with a wide variety of activities and adventures to choose from, they are the ideal way to travel and relive the most important historical moments of the country (the pirate route, acquisition of pearls, …), practice snorkeling or diving among reefs of coral or waters full of colorful fish, enjoy an extraordinary marine safari, swim with humpback whales or see how they teach their young, go sailing surrounded by dolphins, go hiking, paddle surfing, or discover the thousand-year-old tree of life in the center of one of the islands, visit small local towns with the exceptional architectural pieces Cultural heritage, find the pre-Columbian figures camouflaged between rocks, …. This area is so wide and friendly that you can access the immensity of the ocean, islands and their secrets both on foot and by boat, for this our staff has the necessary tools and we rely on specialists and in each of the options offered, providing the necessary help to choose the best activities that connect with nature in its purest state.


Just 17 minutes by plane or 1.5-2 hours by ferry, you will arrive at the hotel LA ISLA , located on the seafront, bathed by 2 of the best beaches on the island (Playa Galeón and Playa Canoa), with a Beach-bar called “El Chiringuito de LA ISLA “, it is an artisan ranch built on the beach, with a front on the sand of approximately 150 linear meters, with sun loungers, tables, umbrellas and huts for the exclusive use of our clients and guests. All this on the Contadora Island of the Pearl Archipelago.
If you need it, we provide you with the contact of the different transport companies.

In addition to spending an unforgettable day enjoying our facilities, personalized services, spectacular beach and swimming in crystal clear waters, where you can sunbathe, swim, dive, go on a kayak excursion, Panga or paddle-surf, to see whales, dolphins, do the pirate route or have an aperitif on a solitary and paradisiacal island, describe the pre-Columbian figures sculpted on which the hotel is located, … all accompanied of a meal with Mediterranean influence and inspiration and islander / Panamanian raw material, and cocktails made at the moment with natural seasonal juices and a personalized touch.


  • Welcome drink without alcohol
  • Towels, umbrella and chair / deck chair
  • Access to the hotel’s beach area
  • Access to the hotel bathroom and shower
  • Use of the 150 meters of white beach
  • Lunch: Starter + main course + 1 drink (water / soda / national beer)

DOES NOT include:

  • Transportation from Panama, nor from disembarkation to the Beach-Bar
  • Other services not indicated in the offer


We offer a large number of tours that adapt to the tastes of each one, some are done directly with the hotel staff and others with local companies or people, thus generating sustainable trade between the islands and their inhabitants.


Few experiences in the world can be compared to the exceptional encounters with humpback whales that travel in groups and pass through the Archipelago between June and October. We can observe them performing their courtship rituals such as jumping and singing, seeing how they teach their young to do these rituals, to hunt and feed … It is very impressive when they pass by your large size and the beauty of the moment, the adults arrive to measure between 12-15 meters long, and their young about 4-5 meters. They can be observed both from any point of our hotel (rooms, viewpoints, beach-bar, swimming pool …) and approaching with small boats following the best practices established by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA) that allows Guests witness these special annual visitors up close throughout their journey. They are one of the main attractions of the Las Perlas marine safari experience. Includes boat, guide, fresh drink and aperitif.


With around 39 islands and 100 islets located in the heart of Panama’s Golgo and with a total area of 1,165 km2, there is plenty of space to roam and play in the impressive crystal clear waters, perfect for practicing water sports of all kinds, including snorkeling, Kayaking, boating, dinghy sailing and the irresistible scuba diving, what is needed for an unforgettable vacation.


Snorkeling in Las Perlas is to experience the wonder of fish, rays, turtles and dolphins. The abundance of marine life that can be observed while snorkeling among the reefs that surround the archipelago is extraordinary: parrotfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, blue tang, eagle rays, tuna and dorado. It might even be able to spot a sea turtle, whitetip shark, or hammerhead shark in certain areas.
Our guide can direct you to the best snorkeling in Panama and help you identify the colorful collection of marine fauna.


Discover caves, holes, the incredible variety of flora that clings to the sides of the cliffs and the seabirds that fly in the surroundings, you can coast Contadora or cross to solitary nearby islands such as Bartolomé, or populated islands where you can visit a small Heritage Church Cultural Nacional or hiking to the “Tree of Life” like Saboga.


The boat, sailboat or panga tour is a great way to start your stay in Las Perlas, as you will be able to observe all the islands within the archipelago. Our activities team can transport you around the islands, familiarizing you with the many bays, caves, and beaches you’ll want to return to to explore later. Depending on the type of boat desired, the reservation must be made more or less in advance.


No visit would be complete without participating in one of our “Routes”, where our staff can help you discover the true treasure of Las Perlas. The history that has been written in our waters and islands, the natural beauty and the ecological abundance of the archipelago and its surrounding waters, which inspired the creation of “The Routes of Las Perlas”.


All year. Among the wonders of Las Perlas, a large part is underwater, where the diversity of marine life is amazing and spectacular, with extensive coral banks in different parts of the Archipelago, snorkeling and / or Diving, with / without an instructor, includes Panga, panguero, fresh drinks and aperitif.


All year round, a unique experience, full of adventures at the time you choose and finish when you like, where you can enjoy a paradisiacal beach, you will have the sand, the palm trees, the waves, a swim in crystal clear waters, just for you, to be able to dive , sunbathing, bathing, walking, surprising someone, … a great opportunity to enjoy nature and let your imagination run wild. Includes panga, panguero, umbrella, towels, cool drinks, and a delicious picnic lunch to make the most of your private day at an exclusive beach.


All year round, an exciting adventure visiting the most emblematic points in the history of pirates, where they extracted pearls, their anchorages, where they lost some of their ships, and learn about some of the legends still transmitted from generation to generation of where the treasures still hidden. Includes panga, panguero, pirate map, cool drinks and aperitif.


In season, seasoned anglers will love our proximity to dreamy waters, while those new to this activity will appreciate the guidance of our knowledgeable staff. Includes boat / yacht, captain, fishing equipment, cold drinks, aperitif and lunch. Book 1 week or 15 days in advance.


Hiking is one of the best ways to get to know the Pearl Islands, especially with the help of our guide, being able to enjoy the most wonderful ecology of the islands, from an impressive flora and fauna, a lush jungle between the waters of the Archielago , even centuries-old trees to embrace and restore the senses. We have several tours selected by the nature of the different islands, each with its own unique adventures, but don’t miss the huge and centenary tree located in the center of Saboga which they call the “Tree of Life or of Abatar”.


A short boat trip through the Las Perlas Archipelago offers the observation of more than 50 species of resident and migratory birds that visit the Isthmus of Panama during the year. It’s exciting to watch these spectacular birds dive and dance, and if you’re lucky you’ll see them feeding and stopping mid-flight. As you enter the island trails, exploring the jungle-covered forests, you will find strategic locations to get the sights and sounds of the dozens of birds that live or visit the Archipelago. It is one of the best places for bird watching in Panama.


It is a unique, interesting, fun and artistic activity that can only be carried out in our facilities, since the history of Panama, and especially the waters of the Archipelago have been written, rather sculpted, on the rocks on which they are set the rooms of the hotel LA ISLA. The ledge of rocks that joins both beaches is an adventure to explore, the tide rises and falls, natural pools are created, caves appear, you can see the fish, even fish, take spectacular photos uploaded to a large toad, get into the footprint of a bigfoot, touch the stars or photograph yourself with the first emotional man from decades ago, and best of all, throughout this entire journey you will be able to see hundreds of figures sculpted on the rock itself and some isolated sculptures, among them Pre-Columbian figures are found that time and the erosion of the sea have not yet managed to erase. We will give you guidelines to be able to travel, enjoy and discover it, we will challenge you and whoever succeeds will have their reward when they reach the end of the adventure.


We have interconnecting rooms special for families. Our facilities are ideal to enjoy stimulating activities, the great extension of the gardens, beach and swimming pool, as well as the warm and welcoming hospitality of our team towards the guests, all this amidst an extraordinary nature and wild life, of which to enjoy and escape from the outside world for an unforgettable family vacation. A short distance from Panama City, entering a world away from the commitments and obligations of today’s life, which invites families to focus on reconnecting while creating exciting memories of shared adventures, our facilities and the surroundings offer families endless opportunities to explore and play. Activities can be tailored to meet the needs of all interests and ages.

  • Fun-filled water sports activities, from kayaking, diving, jumping off the rocks into the sea, to taking a dinghy sailing course between the islands, that are sure to satisfy the share of excitement of older kids and teens, as well yours
  • Kids will love diving among the archipelago’s reefs to see how many different fish they can see.
  • Our on-site dive instructor can provide instruction to older children who want to learn to dive (ages 10 and up).
  • The whole family can go kayaking or panga to explore the many caves, breakwaters and hidden beaches along the islands’ coastline.
  • Whale, dolphin and turtle watching at Las Perlas is enormous fun, bringing you closer to the marine creatures that often put on a great show.
  • Our Activities Team and Guide, knows how to make nature fun for children, with interesting walks to explore the flora and fauna of the islands.
  • Also the activity of discovering the pre-Columbian figures sculpted in the rocks that surround the hotel, among hundreds of other figures, playing to find the largest number of stars, fish, ships, … and the winner will obtain a reward, be it child or adult.
  • Fishing is a great family activity, and in fish-rich waters, even a beginner will have the opportunity to fish.
  • Ending the day in the light of the flames of a campfire on the beach, ensures fun and family experience, you can do dances, play the drums or burn marshmallows, ideal for all ages.